Floss Dental Boutique

Dr Kellie Houlahan, BDS (Otago)

Principal Dentist & Co-Founder of FLOSS

First of all welcome to FLOSS, I hope you’ve found everything helpful so far and thanks for taking an interest in getting to know me a little better.

Let’s get it out there… I’m a perfectionist, apparently not a good trait (working on it) I fuss over the little things.  Hence here we are. I had to have my own clinic - started from scratch! (as working for someone else, taking over an existing clinic and a previous partnership all didn’t allow me to be me).  I could see so many ways in which as dental visit could be improved that seemed small and insignificant to most but when added up would amount to something spectacular.  Therefore I won’t rest until floss is just that… Spectacular!

Ever since I was eleven I wanted to be a dentist that everybody loved and that determined mini me never changed her mind and thank god because I really love it.  My best days are when I know almost everyone in my book.  It’s the relationships we establish that really lift our day. Don’t get me wrong I get a kick out of delightfully surprising strangers but I love my regulars because then I know I’m doing something right.

In another world I must have been a designer.  Anything design related really lights me up and I hope you love all the design elements I’ve put into FLOSS and pout their all there to relax, impress and inform you. Yes I’m also that crazy dentist that says look how good your filling looks with all the amazing anatomy and detail, yet it’s in the top back tooth where no one not even yourself is going to see it.

If you haven’t realised, Dan the other founder/dentist is also my husband.  So if you’d prefer a male dentist then check out his bio as you’re in the wrong place.  He’s also better at the day to day business affairs while I have the creative brain and design flair.  You’ll never be left on the fence with us, we’ll give you a gentle shove in the right direction.

My life wouldn’t be complete without our two young adventurous boys.  Life’s all about balance so when we need to slow ours down you’d find us chilling on our rural property or off camping with the boys.  I try to stay healthy so escape to the gym when I’m not busy cluttering up the house with another never-ending art project.

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