IMPLANT package

Get an implant for the very competitive price of $4,449 from start to finish. over three payments see below...

*** OR pay if off weekly at $85 a week - see T&C's below

Includes all appointments, x-rays ( including cone beam 3-D x-ray ), implant components, implant surgery ( implants are made in USA ) and implant crown

(includes SURGERY STAGE AND CROWN STAGE) this is the total price for the whole job from start to finish at a fixed price, get it before we realise this is too good and remove it.


Everything below is included in this package...


  • Initial consultation - to see if you or the site is suitable for a implant
  • X-ray of implant site

(if we cant do the implant at this point, there is not cost, maybe we have help you with another option to fill that gap?- what have you got to lose?)



  • 3-D full digital xray 
  • 3-D digital implant scan in the mouth
  • Implant planning time
  • Implant stent/guide made



  • Implant surgery
  • X-rays as needed
  • Follow up appointments



  • Implant crown impressions and fitting
  • follow up appointments as needed.



  • We reserve the right to say "no" to anyone not suitable for implants
  • Only our preferred provider implants are used (made in USA)
  • You must adhere to appointment times, missing many appointments may incur extra costs
  • Bone grafting may incur a extra cost but will be discussed with you before we start if its required, very often its not required.


PAYMENT OPTION 1: $500 deposit paid (stage 2)   -   $1995 on surgery day (stage 3)   -   $1995 on crown impression/scan day (stage 4)

PAYMENT OPTION 2: $1000 deposit at stage 2 appointment then $85 a week for 45 weeks. total cost with payment plan is $4825.