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Two great locations, modern clinic, great friendly staff.
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What We Do
When it comes to your health and body if you want down to earth qualified people that have oodles of personality and can muster up a few laughs while creating beautiful smiles then this is the place for you!

Surely you also want peace of mind that you’ll be listened to, understood and respectfully taken care of in a relaxing yet professional setting.   We actually get it!
Floss is unique.  A forward thinking likeminded team that have a shared vision of bringing dentistry out of the dark ages and enjoyably accessible to all those ready to appreciate the difference. You owe it to yourself, to experience FLOSS…...we won’t let you down.
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Welcome to our Practice

At FLOSS dental boutique, experienced clinic operators Dr Kellie Houlahan and Dr Daniel Hauptfleisch are collaborating together to provide comprehensive dental care with a flare like no other. 

As partners in marriage as well as business, Dr Houlahan and Dr Hauptfleisch have a zeal and commitment to excellence that influences all aspects of their lives. Their partnership at FLOSS means you’ll receive genuine out of this world treatment.  As who better to know their colleagues strengths and trust that they will deliver exceptional service with personality that you can count on. 

While every business has their star players here at FLOSS we recognise our strength lies in our amazing team, which shares one cohesive dream to simply outdo your every expectation and just do dentistry/ health better. Our success however is straight up down to you our amazing patients that have recognised that as a whole we are truly present, always listening and ever evolving to continue to smash that goal right out of the park!



With over 20 years experience spent on Auckland’s North Shore in long standing clinics you can rest assured you will be dealing with real people that are not only very upfront and honest but value integrity like those of the generation before them. 


Dentists are like hairdressers. Once you’ve found a goodie you don’t want them to up and disappear.  You can rest assured both Dr Houlahan and Dr hauptfleisch aren’t going anywhere.  FLOSS’s founders have two young boys in local schools and two dental clinics on Auckland’s North Shore, so FLOSS is here to stay… phew!


We consistently aim to provide the highest quality work.  Our investment into the latest technologies and continual education ensure your visit will run as simply and smoothly as possible.  We care enough for our patients to make sure that “new and novel” is equal or better than “tried and true”.  Only local dental labs are used for your custom dental work.  You won’t believe how far dentistry has come and everyone here at FLOSS can’t wait to show you.

Compassion & Understanding

All meaningful relationships are a result of genuine understanding. We’re here to listen to you, help educate you and guide you through your dental journey. We aim to exceed your expectations and fulfil all of your dental needs so you can smile with confidence!

Convenience & Comfort

Our clinic could be confused with a modern hotel reception area or a spa… OH wait we have a spa room for all your decadent indulgence.  Why not reward yourself for coming in and getting on top of your oral health, dental and appearance needs.

We offer extended hours, a convenient location, free parking, roof mounted TV's with Netflix, anti-ageing treatments and sedation options just to name a few. 

No surprises

Those feet of yours won’t step foot outside of the premises without knowing and more importantly understanding what your treatment options are, their costs and the risks. Our joint collaboration will form the basis of your personalised treatment plan.  If you have a few options you will be able to take away your printed plan with pricing!!! to then mull over at home ( possibly with the other boss ).

We’re here to offer you a revolutionary new kind of dental practice. At FLOSS dental boutique, not only do we deliver exceptional general dentistry services six days a week but we also have an onsite spa to deliver top of the line anti-ageing treatments and treatments to enhance facial aesthetics as we understand that it often takes a multidisciplinary approach to achieving that perfect smile or eye teasing facial symmetry.   

Dr Kellie Houlahan and Dr Daniel Hauptfleisch would like to welcome you to FLOSS dental boutique. We love what we do, and our care is a reflection of our enthusiasm and commitment to your well-being.  We strive to establish an enduring legacy of dental and personal excellence for future generations of patients, staff and our community.

You’ll find us located in the new Long Bay commercial development, surrounded by excellent cafes, restaurants /bars and of course a beautiful beach nearby and in Birkenhead on Onewa road (near the Z station)  Our state of the art designer premises is second to none. We are committed to the latest proven technology to provide you with highest level of care.  Such investments include a 3D x-ray machine, vital for planning advanced dental treatment like implants, TRIOS and CEREC primescan (a digital scanner that scans the mouth, saving you from the old gagging experience that is dental impressions) , intraoral live cameras that can take close up pictures of your teeth so you can actually see what we see. We are completely digital. We utilize digital radiography (x-rays) to minimize exposure and expedite treatment decisions.

We are all born talkers, lifelong learners and lifelong teachers committed to educating our patients. You will benefit from the most informed staff and become extremely educated and invested in your oral health.

If you’re looking for family friendly dentists and beauty therapists with personality on Auckland’s North Shore who offer the highest level of care in a relaxed fun informative environment, then you’ve found the mothership.  All you have to do now is climb aboard.

Welcome to our practice! now Two locations - LONG BAY and BIRKENHEAD