Dental Fillings

In the past, dentists could only treat cavities with silver and mercury fillings. Modern restorative dentistry has replaced those ugly dark grey fillings with tooth-coloured ones (composite fillings). These fillings are glued to the tooth, creating a strong seal that prevents future decay.

Composite dental fillings are an important part of our mercury free approach to restorative dentistry. These white fillings not only have an attractive, tooth-coloured appearance, but they do not contain any mercury, as is the case with conventional metal fillings.

Reasons why we do Composite (white) Fillings

  • Same color as your teeth
  • Blends naturally into the tooth
  • Durable strength with the outer surface of teeth (enamel)
  • Mercury free
  • Smaller fillings -  preserving more natural tooth structure
  • Not as vulnerable to leaking and breaking as metal fillings
  • Less likely to cause cracks or catastrophic fracture of a tooth


White fillings are made of a composite resin that does not contain any mercury.  They are significantly less likely to leak. Metal fillings have a tendency to let bacteria leak underneath them, which can lead to the tooth becoming re-infected and the need for a root canal. Composite fillings decrease the outcome of root canal treatment because they keep bacteria effectively sealed out for many, many years to come.  They also have a natural, lifelike appearance that does not stand out when you smile, laugh or speak…. That’s a bonus!!

At FLOSS we use advanced techniques and superior materials to eliminate tooth decay without removing a large chunk of tooth structure. Your tooth is restored to its natural appearance and function, without having to use hugely invasive procedures.