Emergencies & ACC

Emergency appointments are kind of like roadside assistance.

We will do our best to assess the problem and then get you out of pain or fix you up so you can breathe a sigh of relief and be seen in public.  Just like getting a car with a flat tyre back on the road.  

We would then recommend you come back in for a check up when both yourself and us have enough time to dig a little deeper to find out what’s going on or “why it broke down”.  Similar to servicing your car a check up is like a service for your mouth.  Often an unplanned accident may get you in through the front door, but it could thankfully be the key incident that lead to you being better informed about the current state of your teeth and gums and overall condition they are in.

Most accidents and possible subsequent treatment are covered, or part covered by ACC.  Previous dental trauma or injuries are still often covered by ACC and if you have any concerns or think you may need dental treatment done on teeth that were damaged from a previous injury which ACC accepted then we can assist you with any future treatment or enquires you may have.