Sedation ( IV / Oral )

Sedation or sleep dentistry as it’s becoming more commonly referred to can be a great option for you if you are anxious or uncomfortable at a dental clinic or just time poor and desire a better more efficient alternative.

There are many valid reasons for receiving dental treatment under sedation

  • You might prefer to be relaxed or unaware during the treatment procedure
  • You may be extremely busy and multiple visits to the clinic just isn’t an efficient use of your time.  With sedation a 4 hour appointment will feel like less than an hour.  Now that’s being productive!
  • You cannot open your mouth for a great length of time
  • Do you experience difficulty getting numb
  • If you have a strong gag reflex, struggle with lying right back, fingers and instruments in your mouth, water or excessive saliva then sedation is definitely for you!  The sedation relaxes your muscles often reducing or even getting rid of your gag reflex during your treatment.  Thus making your life and the dentists job a lot easier…everyone’s a winner here.
  • You could be having a procedure done that you’ve never had before and may be a little nervous, why not have a little help relaxing so you can actually enjoy it.
  • Bad dental experiences or past dental trauma have a habit of resurfacing for some and whilst we and understand and sympathize with you, we will not let this stand in the way of you receiving amazing dental CARE any longer.  Many of our initially extremely anxious heavily sedation dependent patients now walk in smiling and undergo treatment with nothing other than our sometimes cheesy yet witty conversation to keep them calm and they couldn’t be happier.  We want this for you, wouldn’t you feel amazing.

Dental anxiety can be so overpowering that it prevents you from going to your routine dental appointments.  Or in most cases keeps you from visiting a dentist for years until you can’t put up with the pain any more.  When you don't get the dental care you need, it can be difficult to avoid common dental problems like cavities and gum disease. Sedation dentistry provides relaxation and enables you to go to your dental appointments successfully.

The two sedation options available are Oral sedation and IV sedation.  The same medication is used only oral sedation is where the patient takes pills and IV sedation is where the dentist administers the medication through a cannula into a vein in the patients arm.  They both have their benefits and are better suited to different patients or treatments so the dentist will discuss both of these with you and their recommendations based on your wishes.

Conscious Sedation with Pills

Conscious oral sedation pills are often taken 1 hour prior to your appointment, and another dose may be taken during the appointment depending on the patient and appointment timeframe.  These will quiet your mind and reduce your stress before and during the procedure.

Patients feel confident when they choose oral conscious sedation. They usually drift in and out of sleep and are able to wake up in order to respond to our requests  and questions. At the same time, they feel completely worry-free.

IV Sedation

Involves the injection of small amounts of the sedative into a vein in the patients arm. This injection is painless and the sedation soon takes effect. The patient becomes very relaxed and sleepy and the dental treatment can be carried out with ease.

A patient choosing any sedation option will require another person to accompany them to the appointment who can drive them to and from the appointment and watch over them until they are completely recovered.

During your sedated procedure, we will carefully watch your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. Thanks to our technology, we will instantly know if your body needs more or less dental sedation.

We have helped hundreds of patients using dental sedation. If you’re interested we would love to help you experience all that is dental sedation.